Consulting a Jyotish in Gurgaon would be very helpful if you want to know about your future life. There are numbers of traitors who claim to be a Jyotish, but your smartness lies in consulting the right Jyotish for your future predictions. Once you start searching on the google, you would get a long list of Jyotish and Pandits.

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Kal Sarp Dosh: What Can a Panditji Do?

As per Indian astrology Kal Sarp Yog is a very malicious event in the Janampatri of any human. The various concepts of astrology point to the fact that this malice involves the alignment of all seven planets in between Rahu and Ketu on one side of janampatri. The effects of Kal Sarp Yog are not good and can imply certain adverse effects such as losses in business, untimely problems in life however there are some good effects also. Good effects of Kal Sarp Yog are felt as human age increase.

The remedy for Kal Sarp Yog involves rituals and ceremonies which can clip off some of the negative effects of the malady. Certain practices have been recommended by Indian astrology to solve the Kal Sarp Dosh.