Janam Kundali reading is all about, movements of planets and stars on human life. It is believed in Indian astrology that movements of these planets entirely reflect on everyone’s life according to the time, location and day of birth.

Kundli’s are prepared and matched to find out the perfect life partner for you. In India usually marriages were made within the castes, but as the world is getting highly modernized, inter-caste love marriages are increasing day by day. Even though we reside in the modern world, however many Indian still do not ignore the Kundli matching. As per Indian culture, it is very crucial to match the Janam Kundli of both boy and girl. As the boy and girl from their individual life would enter to a family life, it is very crucial for many Indian’s to match Kundli and is indeed followed for centuries in India.

Kundli Matching

Janam Kundli matching for marriage is the best way to find the ratio of compatibility of the boy and girl. This kundali matching compatibility factor shows the future ahead, how the couple would lead their future life. Inter-caste love marriages are still not so common in India however their acceptance is increasing in the Indian society.

The proposal of marriage is to find the best compatible life partner and as per India culture this is usually done through Kundli matching however not everyone in society follows this. For this, you need to consult an extremely knowledgeable astrologer who can match the Kundali’s of the boy and girl and find the matching “Gunas.” in their Kundali’s.